Current Exhibition

Debbie Harman ‘A Place Greater Than Home’
12th April – 8th June 2017

‘A Place Greater Than Home’ by Debbie Harman explores the relationship between two ‘twinned’ towns, her hometown of Goole, East Yorkshire and its twinned site Zlotow, Poland.

The journey was eased by finding comfort in the lands visual similarities, be that waterways or post-industrial landscapes. Debbie diced between clarity and confusion. In the act of attempting to form visual ties between the towns, constantly confronted with the difficult politics of immigration that surrounded the project.  The final exhibition is not geographically identified, ‘A place greater than home’ exists in the space between the two destinations. It is a space where you can identify your own sense of home.

Debbie Harman is a Graphic Art graduate of Leeds met University and most recently an MA Photography graduate of London College Communication. A Lens based Artist and experimental documentarian, exploring issues in society and communities, drawn to localised stories that speak on a universal level. The Artist’s practice is interested in the dialogue of the poetics of space and place, operating on the borders of fact and fiction, the known and unknown.